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Grind and Seal Concrete Floors Melbourne

Want to transform the look of your space and looking for quality grind and seal concrete?

At Independent Concrete Solutions, we are passionate about helping our clients create distinctive spaces and bring you amazing sealed concrete floor options. Grind and seal concrete can be used in various applications and makes a durable option for both residential and commercial spaces. Highly versatile and known for its superior finish, you can be sure that it will look fabulous for years. Whether you are designing a new space or looking for options to upgrade the look of an existing setting, we invite you to view the options that we have for you here.

Amazing Options for Grind and Seal Concrete Floor

Concrete grinding and sealing involve the process of polishing concrete. The upper layer of the concrete is ground back to reveal as much of the stone as desired by our clients. This is a personal preference that you can choose based on the precise requirements of your space. After the right level is reached, finer diamonds are used to get a smooth surface finish. Based on the needs of the project, the concrete can even be dyed or grouted to get a mirror-like look.

grind and seal concrete
grind and seal concrete floor
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    Grind and Seal Concrete

    Wondering what makes grind and seal concrete a wonderful option for modern spaces? Let us look at some of the advantages.

    • The cost of installation is low
    • Long-lasting look
    • It makes a highly durable option
    • There are amazing options to explore
    • It requires very little maintenance
    • Irrespective of the gloss options, the cost is the same
    • The flooring is slip-resistant

    Concrete that has been ground and sealed is robust and the ideal option even for high-traffic areas. It will look great for years without the need to be replaced. Since the surface is porous, bacteria will not survive and it is suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

    Grind and Seal Concrete Melbourne

    At Independent Concrete Solutions, we have been in business for years and have a complete understanding of the concrete solutions that will best work for your property. We strive to bring you the best in terms of quality and money and you can be sure of getting the finest range of concrete with us.

    If you are looking for a fabulous flooring option on a budget, grind and seal is a favourable option. Whether you are designing a new space or renovating your home or business and want to improve the durability and look, check out the grind and seal options with us to discover new design possibilities. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our product range, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.


    A sealed concrete floor does not soak up water. But, it will be more slippery when it gets wet as the water stays on the surface. There is a solution to make the surface less slippery which is adding a non-slip additive to the concrete coating. These are fine to coarse additive grains which are mixed with the topcoat. A polymer grit additive is the best choice for this purpose as they are transparent, blends easily and comes in a different granular shape.
    The best product for a sealed concrete floor depends on the use of the floor.
    • Indoor flooring: Epoxy and acrylic sealers are the best. They form a coating on the surface of the concrete.
    • Outdoor flooring: Penetrating concrete sealer is the best. They form a chemical barrier by penetrating the concrete.
    Epoxy sealers are good for garage and high-traffic floors. Acrylic sealers are best for residential concrete floors and basements. Penetrating concrete sealers are the best for the patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck as these sealers are slip-resistant even when wet, UV-resistant, easy to maintain and durable.
    Waterproofing a sealed concrete floor is best left to the flooring experts. Independent Concrete Solutions are professionals who follow a four-step process that are:
    • Preparing: Cleaning the floor, finding cracks and holes, cleaning sides of the cracks, wet or dry vacuuming of loose concrete.
    • Patching: Filling all cracks and holes, using a trowel to spread concrete uniformly, sanding the dry concrete floor.
    • Edging: Applying concrete along the edges, taping the edges with silicone tapes after drying, covering the area with concrete.
    • Painting: Using waterproof paint to paint the floor, applying a second coat after the first coat dries up.
    Yes, you should always seal the concrete after grinding. Sealing is a process where a protective liquid coating is spread all over the ground concrete floor. A sealed concrete floor always has its benefits which are:
    • The flooring substrate always remains protected from any kind of damage like cracks, abrasions, scratches, spills.
    • If sealing is damaged, it is easy to reseal. The process takes less time, less labour and incurs fewer expenses than repairing a damaged, unsealed concrete floor.
    • The top surface is completely non-porous. So, no scope for dust and dirt to accumulate.
    • Sealed floors are very easy to clean and maintain. A simple mopping is enough to wipe away dust.
    • Uplifts the ambience of the space as the finishing is smooth, glossy and looks elegant.

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