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Behind every great company, is a true story.

Who are we? Why did we build our business? And what makes us the best at what we do, today?

Travis and Kane are long time mates who have both been in the construction game as long as they could remember Travis starting a carpentry apprenticeship at the age of 16 eventually found himself in the Semi commercial concrete panel trade while Kane was running a Vinyl flooring company and needing a change he soon seen him self sub contracting for a big concrete polishing company in melbourne seeing how much work and demand in the ever rapidly growing business there was always thoughts of going out solo. We all know time fly’s after 12 years contracting for the same company and conquering all aspects of mechanical polishing epoxy flooring he new it was time to give it a go with the backing of Trav who was in need of a change they combined there knowledge and industry contacts and here we are today.

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