Burnished Concrete Floor

Create Splendid Spaces with Burnished Concrete Floor in Melbourne

At Independent Concrete Solutions, we bring you impressive burnished concrete floor solutions to elevate the appeal of your space. Burnished concrete finish is gaining popularity with homeowners and is highly valued for its versatility and durability. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, the surface lustre and elegance of burnished concrete is unmatched.
Burnished concrete is often confused with other types of finishes as the process appears similar. But this is a poured concrete without any decorative elements. The treatment is done after the concrete has set and involves grinding the surface layers. This can also be referred to as the process of exfoliation. There are various tools used in the process like grinding machines with different types of diamond grinding discs. Over time, the concrete transforms into a smooth, high-gloss surface.

Design Spectacular Spaces 

Burnished Concrete Finish

At Independent Concrete Solutions, we wish to offer results that meet or exceed your expectations and our team will work with you at every step of the way. Our skilled experts will customise the finish based on your preference and there are amazing possibilities to dramatically enhance the overall look of your floors.

burnished concrete floor
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    The advantage of burnished concrete is that it is highly durable and looks great for years. It also makes an environmentally friendly option as there are no solvents or chemicals used in the process. We have succeeded in offering impressive results to our clients across Melbourne and you can rely on us for the finest burnished concrete. With their durability and appeal, the floors make a great option for various settings and are easy to maintain.

    The Advantages of Burnished Concrete

    • Easy to maintain
    • Anti-slip property as it dries quickly
    • The brilliant finish elevates the overall look of spaces
    • The floor is free from dust and allergens
    • Looks fabulous for years

    There are a multitude of uses of burnished concrete and it can be conveniently used in a variety of settings. The unmatched beauty of the floor makes it the ideal choice for adding a luxurious look to any space. It can also be used in restaurants and retail spaces and the shine can transform a dull space into a vibrant one. If you are keen to create a strikingly fabulous space, consider burnishes concrete for unrivalled results.
    At Independent Concrete Solutions, we have been in business for years and have a complete understanding of the concrete solutions that will best work for your property. We strive to bring you the best in terms of quality and money and you can be sure of getting the finest options with us. Wondering if a burnished concrete floor is suitable for your home or commercial space?

    Feel free to get in touch with us. We will be glad to assist you and will take you through the options based on the needs of your space. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out more.


    A burnished concrete floor has anti-slip properties as it dries quickly. A properly finished surface is water-resistant and non-slippery when dry. The surface becomes slippery when water is added and is wet. Independent Concrete Solutions is a concrete industry specialist and can tailor the anti-slip properties of a concrete floor depending on your requirement.
    A burnished concrete floor cannot be used in an industrial setting. Industry and factory flooring needs to be durable, resistant to wear and tear, must be highly non-slippery and chemical-resistant. As a specialist in the concrete and polishing industry, Independent Concrete Solutions always recommends polished concrete flooring or better an epoxy coated flooring. These floorings have all the qualities that are a perfect fit in any industry environment.
    A burnished concrete floor and a polished concrete floor are almost the same with slight differences, primarily in the post-installation process.
    • Burnishing produces a smoothened and hardened surface while polishing gives a shiny finish to the floor.
    • Burnishing is done within a maximum of two hours of concrete installation while polishing is done after a maximum of two days of curing.
    • Burnishing is a faster process and less expensive than polishing as it is a more labour-intensive job.
    The finishes for a burnished concrete floor and a polished concrete floor result in a smooth surface with glaze and shine. But there are differences between them which are:
    • Burnishing is done after concrete installation within an hour or two. The area is uncured and it uses methods like trowelling. Polishing is done after the area is cured for two days and uses floor grinders.
    • Burnishing involves the use of a wax-based chemical that is melted and rubbed over the surface that gives a smooth feeling with visible peaks and valleys. Polishing uses concrete grinders that have an industrial diamond to peel away flaws and give a smooth finish

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